GBC extends semester, cancels winter intersession break

George Brown College is extending the fall semester to Dec. 22 and cancelling winter intersession break due to ongoing faculty strike

Updated at 5:45 p.m. with comment from Student Association

On Monday, George Brown College has announced that due to the ongoing faculty strike, the fall semester has been extended to Dec. 22 and the winter intersession break, originally scheduled from Feb. 26 to March 2, has been cancelled. 

An update on the GBC website also said that if a settlement is reached, there will be two business days’ notice before classes resume. Exams will not be scheduled and assignments will not be due until at least 72 hours after the announcement of an end to the strike. 

“We understand that these changes may negatively impact students’ personal plans and are sorry for the disruption they may cause.” read the notice on GBC’s website “Our primary concern is preserving your fall and winter semesters and unfortunately that means making difficult decisions.”

The Nov. 3 deadline to withdraw without academic penalty has been extended to Nov. 24.

Tiffany White, the Student Association’s (SA) director of education, said that students were not consulted adequately in the college’s decision and that they could have rearranged the year differently.

“There are a lot of students who are going to be very unhappy about this, and there so many other ways other ways that they could have gone about this and they just did it all wrong,” she said.  

White, who said that her own travel plans are affected because of the re-scheduling, thinks that moving this semester’s exams in the first week of January and extending the next term would have less of an impact on students’ plans.

The SA funds The Dialog.

Over 300,000 college students across Ontario have been impacted by the strike, particularly apprenticeship students who are on short eight-to-10-week courses.


GBC extends semester, cancels winter intersession break

  • Sahil Sandhu

    This is an awful thought
    On the off chance that somebody have vital plans on this days
    What they can do
    Everybody have plans during the current days
    Families together, and excursions
    Furthermore, weedings .
    I’d book tickets too before September
    Did shopping for my family
    Made an arrangements .
    Restart this semester begin through January please because it directly effect to every international student and there families 🙏🏻

  • Sarah Hassanein

    As a student who moved in to the city to maximize my learning experience, I am appalled at the current circumstance and this update. We should not have to forfeit our reading week in a NEW semester, nor should we have to extend what is essentially a lost semester into the December Break, many of us have already planned vacations/ to be away with family. Return our tuition for this semester, allow us to modify our assignments and their weight in the semester, give us adequate time to complete our work and hand it in. ALSO. PROVIDE THE STRIKERS WITH THEIR REQUESTS! – THEY ARE VALID, SMALL REQUIREMENTS TO LIVE SUSTAINABLY.

    • Natalia Tomlinson

      They may be seemingly “small” requests but they are going to accumulate costs upwards of 250 MILLION. This money doesn’t just fall out of the sky. Think about school costs, labour CUTS and more that will occur if they are forced to agree to what would cost them 250 million. Everything has a domino effect.

      • Nicole

        Please remember that the CEC has saved tens of millions of dollars while on strike. I read that they now have a surplus of 180 million dollars!

        • Natalia Tomlinson

          And how long is that 180 million supposed to last? It doesn’t even cover the initial 250 estimate. Watch what happens to school textbooks, school services, course costs etc. Money is not an entitlement. And if every job with “unfair” work conditions went on strike-guess what? Everyone would be on strike. The hiring/staffing/cost needs have fluctuations each year and these also need to be considered. They have been made VERY reasonable offers. Yet these offers are being declined. Why? Ego and entitlement. It’s the teachers who all vote no that are to blame. They keep prolonging this, not the people making the offers.

  • Jim Kinney

    I think that the student associations should focus energy on a class action lawsuit to recoup a portion of their tuition. Recent developments leave me with the opinion that the CEC never intended to bargain. Instead they decided to play Russian Roulette using students as pawns. This latest “plan” seems motivated by the need to hold on to student money more than recouping lost opportunity. I say this because after the last strike management issued an order for faculty to “remove all unnecessary materials” from their courses in order to ensure program completion by students. This obviously implied that instructors were complicit in fabricating courses containing irrelevant content—a move that was both ethically and legally wrong—demonstrating the depths to which they are capable of sinking to in the name of profiting from student misfortune. This is the second time that the CEC has walked away from the bargaining table—refusing our demands for a fair and ethical working environment that allows faculty a degree (not total control) of input into what happens in the classroom. This strike goes beyond GBC and Ontario colleges. It is about setting the tone and direction for the world that we want for you, the students, and the children who will follow in your footsteps. We need to ask ourselves: Do we want a world that is run autocratically by a powerful few or do we need to re-assert and re-insert ourselves into the processes and institutions that we allow to govern our lives and set the agenda of our future? Democracy is more than a vote. It is about full participation in the social, political and economic conversation and a leadership that rules by decree is anathema to that. This strike is hurting everyone but the fundamental questions and assertions that surround it are important to the collective future of all working people and, so? I will continue my slow circle around the school until the voice and the will of the people are recognized