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The Dialog is hiring for the 2016-17 school year!

Part-time staff positions for 2017-18

Important: Please attach your cover letter, resume and any examples of your work as a single PDF file and email it to with your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Reporter-editor Deadline: Friday, June. 30, 2017

Reporter-editors play a key role in our student community. They gather information and prepare stories for our student publications and inform us about newsworthy events and happenings in our community. They present factual information on current issues and report on the actions of public officials, executives, special interest groups, and others who exercise power.

Advertising Sales Staff Deadline: Friday, June. 30, 2017

The part-time advertising sales staff reports to the managing editor. They are responsible for generating advertising revenue and cultivating and maintaining excellent relationships with local advertisers and national advertisers through Free Media. The advertising sales staff will act as a liaison between advertisers and the editorial board and graphic designer. They will prepare a plan for growing revenues across the print and digital editions of The Dialog, as well as generating performance/advertising revenue reports.

Distribution Staff Deadline: Friday, June. 30, 2017

As distribution staff for The Dialog you will be responsible for distributing the newspaper to over 60 racks and local businesses on and near all five campuses of George Brown College every two weeks during the publishing year. Approximately 7.5 hours every two weeks.

Editor-in-Chief Deadline: Friday, June. 30, 2017

The Editor-in-Chief shall be responsible for leading the operations of The Dialog, ensuring that staff reporters and volunteers have the resources and skills to produce quality news stories. They shall also be responsible for editing content for all sections of The Dialog and working with the managing editor and graphic designer to ensure that the print and online editions of The Dialog are published free of errors in a timely manner. The Editor-in-Chief reports to the publications and communications co-ordinator.

Graphic Designer Deadline: Friday, June. 30, 2017

The Graphic Designer for The Dialog is responsible for the arts and design elements of The Dialog in print and online. They will also be responsible for ensuring that The Dialog’s design is current and fresh while staying consistent with our established branding.

Podcast producer and host Deadline: Friday, June. 30, 2017

As a podcast producer and host, you will find and tell compelling audio stories in a weekly podcast about the GBC community. We are looking for someone with fresh ideas to build a weekly podcast show around. So send us a cover letter outlining your best idea for a weekly GBC podcast.

Videographer Deadline: Friday, June. 30, 2017

As a videographer, you will be responsible for producing high-quality videos that tell a story on in conjunction with the work of other staff reporters. You must have the ability to work on tight deadlines. Previous journalistic experience is an asset but not required.


Work for The Dialog