GBC Fixer: Watch your step on the St. James patio

College has asked contractor to repair wobbling patio stones

“It’s really not fun having to walk around the patio in heels sometimes,” said Vivian Mendoza, a second-year financial planning student.

Students who use the King Street facing patio on the second floor of the St. James A building might have noticed some rather shaky patio stones at their feet over the last few weeks.

“I haven’t actually fallen or anything when I’ve been out here, but it almost feels like I’m sliding sometimes when the stones move,” said Mendoza. “Honestly, if I wasn’t paying attention to where I’m walking all the time, I would have already hurt myself, and that could happen to someone else.”

According to Jodi Serwatuk, corporate communications manager for George Brown College, the facilities department is aware of the condition of the stones. Suburban Landscaping, George Brown’s contracted landscaper, has been asked to repair the loose and misaligned stones.

“The landscaper needs dry weather to complete the repair. Hopefully, they can do it later this week or next week,” said Serwatuk.

Sewartuk explained that the facilities department repair or replace the patio stones several times a year to ensure the patio is flat, secure and safe for students and staff. Sewartuk added that weather plays a role in the quality of the patio, as ice and water exposure can shift and break the stones.

“It just feels weird when your walking and the ground is kind of tilting under you, but this has always been like this,” said Dylan Harris, a second year student in the business administration program. “I think the stones should be re-done because if they’re not laid out properly people could really injure themselves.”


GBC Fixer: Watch your step on the St. James patio