Ragspin is the new Tinder for clothing

New application helps revamp your wardrobe

Is your closet flooded with clothes but you still have nothing to wear?

Don’t worry there’s a new application for clothing that will give your closet a makeover. Ragspin is an application that connects you with people nearby who want to buy, sell, or trade clothing.

“A lot of people have so many clothes in their closet that they don’t wear anymore. So instead of just giving it away or donating it. We came up with this application for buying and selling clothes,” said Jane Furneaux, a post-graduate student in the small business entrepreneurship program at George Brown College, and the marketing and public relations lead for Ragspin.

Buying clothes has never been so easy. If you’re interested in a piece of clothing swipe ‘yes,’ and swipe ‘no’ if you don’t want it. The ones you swiped ‘yes’ to will appear in your closet, and then the seller can be messaged for further trading.

“Ragspin is an application that gives you the ease of buying and selling clothes wherever you want,” said Furneaux, affirming that with the app it just takes a minute to post clothes with a brief description and price. The app mainly targets selling clothes, shoes and accessories.

The team behind Ragspin is continuously running contests to promote the application. The latest contest was giving out myklco, an organic cashew and chai drink, to people who posted any clothing for sale on the app.

The new application is currently designed for iPhone and iPad only, and the Android version is expected soon. Until then why not earn some money by trading your cluttered closet on Ragspin?


Ragspin is the new Tinder for clothing