GBC Fixer: Stapler in St. James Library held together with duct tape

Library staff open to buying a new machine if there are more complaints

Photo of automatic stapler with red duct tape.

The automatic stapler in the St. James library is working, but it isn’t pretty. Photo: Emeka Ibeh / The Dialog

The automatic stapler in the St. James library has seen better days, and one student is not amused.

“I go to school to use the services they say that they will provide, and when I don’t get what is supposed to be available and properly maintained, I end up feeling neglected,” said Brandon Peart.

The St. James campus library provides staplers, hole punchers, and other basic office tools for students to use. The school regularly has to replace these items because of theft, damage, and breakage.

Nevertheless, student angst results from these services and office supplies being sluggishly maintained in the library.

Peart, a second year student in the human resources program, has been using the St. James campus stapler for the past two years at GBC, and this is the first time his frustration with the school’s office supplies turned bitter. His frustration stems from the fact that the automatic stapler is being maintained with duct tape, making it harder to bind pages together, and creating a more tedious process to an easy job.

“I take full responsibility for my education, so I feel that the school should also be taking responsibility for the services that they provide to us,” said Peart. “Since the semester started, this stapler has had tape on it, and it’s not like the stapler is being maintained or the tape is replaced weekly, or monthly, they’ve just left it there expecting students to be okay with it, and I for one am not okay with the service.”

St. James Library staff heard the complaints and explained that they are in the process of replacing the automatic stapler, but due to a low volume of student complaints they do not believe it is a major concern.

“We weren’t planning on replacing it just yet, but if it isn’t working as good as it should be, we are certainly open to getting a new one. My understanding however, is that it is working and if students want to address this with us, we are open to hearing from them,” said library services coordinator Ciaran Megahey.

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GBC Fixer: Stapler in St. James Library held together with duct tape