GBC Fixer: St. James washrooms open again after three months

Fifth floor washrooms closed for a major update

After three months, work to update the bathroom on the fifth floor of the St James A building is complete. The renovations began in December and were completed the week of March 15, with the washrooms being closed during that time.

Emmanuel Pinkett, a second year business administration student, has seen the upgrades and was quite impressed with the improvements.

“I was very surprised when I saw it, this is actually my second time in this washroom,” said Pinkett, who has a project management class on the fifth floor. “I just came in here yesterday for the first time, and it looks newer and I think the school did a great job with how it looks now.”

According to a representative from the college, the renovations were not due to damage, but rather that the washrooms needed an upgrade.

Jodi Sewartuk, corporate communications manager at George Brown College, said that the facilities department is consistently checking in on the bathrooms in the St. James building in order to identify which washrooms need renovating the most. Sewartuk added that the facilities department will continue upgrading the restrooms based on whichever ones needed major renovations urgently.

As the fifth floor bathroom’s renovation was a major job, George Brown put out a request for tenders to do the required work. According to Sewartuk, “a team at the college looked at the qualifications of those that submitted a bid and chose the most appropriate contractor.”

By the end of the process, MIRO Construction was selected to rebuild the washrooms.

While the fifth floor washroom was out of commission, signs directing students to the other washrooms in the building had been put in place.


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GBC Fixer: St. James washrooms open again after three months