Culinary students show their creations at Marriage of Food and Wine

Event pairs appetizers and wine tastings

Image of appetizers on a platter at the event

Appetizers on a platter at the event | Photo: Clement Goh /The Dialog

On Nov. 21, a big crowd in the centre for hospitality and culinary arts (CHCA) building sipped on wine and eagerly waited for what the culinary students of the chef training and culinary management programs had in store for the 13th Annual CHCA Marriage of Food and Wine event.

Organized by the faculty’s wine chefs, Roger Maurer and Mario Gozzi, the event not only treated guests with over 40 varieties of mouth-watering appetizers paired with both red and white specialty wines. It also gave the student chefs an opportunity to let their creativity flow with a diverse menu with styles based on international backgrounds.

For chef Gozzi, the event is very unique. He said,“like a fingerprint, no two things are ever the same. You can take a carrot, and cook it a hundred different ways.” Gozzi said the process for the students begins with group work, where each group produces eight appetizers. Gozzi and Maurer then narrow it down to two appetizers per group.

While Gozzi and Maurer try to make sure that there is a variety of appetizers made, he said the event belongs to students, “it’s their show, and it’s based on their creations.”

According to Gozzi, the event is more than an assignment for students. “It’s a project where you actually produce and cook,” he said. “It’s more or less all of the skills learned in two years, and it really encompasses everything being taught in classes such as cost control.”

Mike Caine, a student from the integrated culinary management was thrilled to be a part of the event with his fellow team members.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out and actually be a part of the community,” he said. “You get to make food, and see the customers react in real-time because you’re actually there interacting with them.”

Caine was particularly excited about the process involved with the event. “You get in, and start from scratch to come out with something awesome.” According to his group, the entire preparation for the event took a total of four hours to set up.

The exclusive event was held for two hours before each group’s station was broken down. Afterwards, all of the students from both programs rallied for a well-deserved celebratory toast.


Culinary students show their creations at Marriage of Food and Wine