Five mobile apps to make college life easier

Download these applications to simplify and manage most things in just a click

With the first few weeks of school now over, students are looking for ways to fight off the pressures of assignments and the excitement of starting this new chapter in their lives known as college. As smartphones have become an indispensable part of student life, The Dialog brings you a set of student-friendly mobile applications that can help manage college studies, daily needs and leisure activities.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

One of the most important student-friendly applications, nearly every college student must use this at one point. Once a license is purchased by your school, you will receive free access to this tool where you can easily receive push-notifications on announcements made in all your courses; check grades; post discussions, assignments and assessments; and communicate with your faculty and group using online collaboration. It is easy to use as you just have to enter your institution’s name and log in with your student ID and password.


To avoid last minute submission panick, RefME comes to the rescue when your assignment is due in the next 15 minutes and you need to pull together a bibliography page. The app allows students to scan the barcode on books and journals or copy and paste a URL to get citations in various styles, including Harvard, American Psychological Association and Chicago style. These citations are stored in the cloud, so students can access them from anywhere.


Transportation is a big issue at college, especially when you have an early-morning class or have to take the bus home late at night. This application recognizes all the transit stops near you. You can tap the bus number to instantly find out the arrival time of the bus and track the real time location of the vehicle. Add multiple stops to your favourites list and set a bus arrival reminder so that you don’t miss your bus.

Yellow Pages

Explore your neighbourhood in the best way possible. With the the Yellow Pages app you can find restaurants, cafes, salons, banks, hotels and fuel rates around your present location and get all information, from opening hours to addresses, contact information, payment mode, menus and a lot more.


This application presents videos from various TEDx conferences, where all types of business experts, educators, computer geniuses, music legends, and many other interesting people come and share the motto of TED: “Ideas worth spreading.”


Five mobile apps to make college life easier