Turn your steps into money

New app converts exercise into digital currency

Ever taken a streetcar instead of walking those few blocks? Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi have created the Bitwalking app aimed to motivate users to get out and walk.

Bitwalking app

Bitwalking app

Currently available by invite only, the app generates “Bitwalking dollars” by walking and running. Bitwalking dollars is a digital currency which, according to the Bitwalking website, can be used to buy items in the company’s marketplace, traded with other users, or used for purchases from Bitwalking partners.

“We believe that everyone should have the freedom, and ability, to make money,” reads the company website.

Everyone knows exercising is good for you, but it can be hard to get started. And the more we walk, the fewer vehicles are used meaning less pollution.

The app calculates the steps you take and converts them into Bitwalking dollars, which accumulate in the your account. Bitwalking dollars can be spent at the company’s virtual marketplace, Bitwalking Market.

The marketplace will be filled with products covering a wide price range, from a Google Chromecast for about $30 (BW) and the iPhone for about  $700 (BW) , said Andrew Whyte, a spokesperson from Bitwalking.

“Users also have the ability to make a wish list, which will include choices that are both tech and non-tech, and also covering a wide price range – this will help us select the products you want the most,” he added.

According to the company’s website, users will also get a chance to “connect with our third party partners: online retailers, brands, charities and local governments that share our belief in an economy for all.”

In the future, Whyte said that “new collaborations will allow us soon to create unique solutions for developing countries such as Bitwalking dollars to cover education fees, mobile top-ups and other exciting opportunities.”


Turn your steps into money