Both Huskies volleyball teams get served

Both men’s and women’s teams have one win and four losses this season

The men’s and women’s varsity volleyball teams had their home opener at George Brown College (GBC) on Nov. 5 at the Alex Barbier gym. With a total of eight sets between the men’s and the women’s games, the Loyalist Lancers managed to jump, set and serve their way to a win.

The women’s volleyball tipped off at 6 p.m. with both teams on their feet ready for action. The Lancers were determined as they walked onto the court. However, the Huskies didn’t give up, fighting back with quick returns and long sets.

Loyalist won all three sets, 25-23, 30-28, 25-18 and left the Huskies with a learning experience to apply to the rest of the season.

“The first two sets the scores were really tight. Those losses hurt more than the others but we’re definitely going in the right direction,” said head coach, Dana Cooke who is certain the scores will take care of themselves as the season progresses.

With a total of seven new players on the team, the Huskies need to work together to get a win. “This one hurt but that just means we care,” Cooke said about the loss. “What I saw from the first two sets tonight was a team I knew we could beat.”

The Huskies were strong blockers, blocking 13 times compared to the two blocks made by Loyalist. However, the Lancers achieved 28 kills while the Huskies fell behind by two, with 26 kills.

Michelle Lo, a third-year player on GBC’s women’s volleyball team, as a left side hitter and setter she is striving for the team to have more energy.

“I think we had a slow start but we’re getting there. The fight is there,” said Lo. “We are improving all the time and just looking forward to the next game.”

On the men’s side, from the moment the game began, hearts were racing and eyes were glued to the court. Starting off the first set with quick points made on both sides by out-of-bounds volleys, neither team had the upper hand.

“What a nail bitter!” spectator @rpizzarro tweeted during the game while the match was a constant back and forth between both teams.

The Huskies won the first set 25-17 while Loyalist took next set 25-17.; the Huskies won the third set 25-21 and the Lancers won the fourth set 28-26, pushing the match to a well deserved fifth set; the Lancers refused to lose, winning the fifth set and match 15-11.

All proceeds donated during the home opener went to Rethink Breast Cancer where every dollar raised will help pioneer cutting-edge breast cancer education, support and advocacy.

On Nov. 8, the Huskies men’s and women’s volleyball teams went head to head against La Cité Coyotes to prove themselves after a tough loss at the home opener.

The women’s team went four sets against La Cité with the Coyotes winning the first set 25-21. The Huskies then came together to triumph over the opposing team winning three sets in a row, 26-24, 25-13, and 27-25.

A competitive match, with both teams striking hard to get the win they deserved. In a dog-eat-dog match, high levels of determination from both the Huskies and the Coyotes resulted in a well-deserved win for GBC.

This wasn’t the end of the celebration. The men’s volleyball team was up next to fight against the Coyotes.

Serving many hard balls with a total of 39 kills, if that wasn’t enough, the Huskies were also able to dig 25 spikes throughout the game compared to the 11 digs made by the Coyotes.

The Huskies won their first games of the season 3-0; the match scores were 25-23 for each set.

On Nov. 12, Huskies volleyball teams went up against Seneca College, with both the men’s and women’s teams losing 0-3, feeling the wrath of the Seneca Sting.


Both Huskies volleyball teams get served