Women’s volleyball on the rise

With more wins this season, the Huskies women’s volleyball team takes on a new fighting spirit

It’s been a tough road for women’s volleyball at George Brown College (GBC), but the team has its sights set high as they look towards the future. 

With a history of being low in the standings, the Huskies came out of the previous season in last place in the East Division. 

“We’re still trying to start from somewhere. This is really the first year that we’re getting a chance to build culture and build a program,” said head coach Daphne Choi. 

This is Choi’s second year coaching for GBC, but this year is the first year that she has been able to recruit her own team.

Choi is focusing on building her team this year, strengthening the players, and preparing them to do well next season. 

With a strong group of athletes, Choi is confident in the team’s abilities going forward.  

Now well into the season, the Huskies are currently ranked fifth in the East Division out of 10 teams. With an 8-10 record, the team is performing noticeably better than they did last season. 

But it isn’t only about winning for this team. Progress can be seen even when the team is losing, as is the case when the Huskies faced Durham, an undefeated team and the top in the league. 

“We didn’t let up, like that’s what I expect the most is like, we know they’re a tough team but we gotta fight, we gotta make them work for it,” said co-captain Ashley Lau, after the loss.

The Huskies knew going into the game that it was likely to be a loss, but in the third set in particular, the women kept the fight going and came close to winning the round. 

“It’s a bit of a transition year, but they are coming along and the coaching staff is doing a good job with them,” said Tony Clarke, the head coach of Durham following the game. 

With a focus on the future, building a strong culture, and building a strong team, Choi wants to show that they are there to compete and be taken seriously. 

“We’re starting to build that reputation that we’re working hard, and that we’re striving for long term wins, long term goals,” she said. 

After finishing the season off with a win, the team has the opportunity to compete in the crossover games, with a chance to make it to the OCAA championships. 

With the season coming close to the championships, the women have a chance to show even more improvement.


Women’s volleyball on the rise