Chef Alain Ducasse visits George Brown, announces partnership

George Brown College’s centre for hospitality and culinary arts signs partnership with Chef Alain Ducasse’s Education

From right to left: Chef Higgins, Chef Alain Ducasse, Dean Lorraine Trotter, Chef Chuck Hughes with Chef School faculty and staff at the background. Photo courtesy of George Brown College.

From right to left: Chef Higgins, Chef Alain Ducasse, Dean Lorraine Trotter, Chef Chuck Hughes with Chef School faculty and staff at the background. Photo courtesy of George Brown College.

On Oct. 15 the chef school was honoured by Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse on his first visit to Toronto. The event ended with the centre for hospitality and culinary arts (CHCA) signing an partnership with chef Alain Ducasse’s Education (ADE) school for a post-graduate patisserie course in France.

Lorraine Trotter, dean of the CHCA, chef John Higgins, Alison Fryer, a George Brown professor and chef Inniss, along with faculty members and students—all dressed in white chef uniforms, welcomed Ducasse with exuberating warmth and zest.

The chef school was full of enthusiasm and thrilled for three days, hosting events in honour of Ducasse’s immeasurable contribution to French cuisine on an international level.

The first evening was hosted at the chef school by chef Chuck Hughes, a French-Canadian chef, television personality and restaurateur, aptly represented the students with passion, diligence, and motivation.

An entrepreneur himself, Hughes lead an open conversation with Ducasse—the audience was mesmerized while watching these high achievers speak and share their thoughts.

Sean Van Wert, a translator for the event, played an important role as he translated, with precision, Ducasse’s French expressions and experiences to English.

The splendid experience for guests was heightened by an elaborate spread of cheeses and wines. Guests enjoyed food and beverages served at the right temperature and in the most professional way by current students from the chef school.

No one was complaining about the long lineups for the book signing as there was fine food and good aromas all around. At the end of the lineup were the tycoons of the culinary world, there to autograph their culinary keepsakes and cookbooks.

The second day in honour of Ducasse, the chef school hosted the french culinary market where noted chefs and culinary artisans from across the city of Toronto laid-out elaborate, yet elegant food and beverage samples for guests.

Ducasse interacted with participating chefs, artisans and students, and encouraged all of them through kind and gentle compliments.

The focus of the evening was international level French cuisine on, and for the evenings finale there was something that indeed left the students, staff and future culinary students, with a sweet aftertaste.

George Brown College’s president Anne Sado and Trotter announced the alliance between the ADE and the CHCA.

Beginning in spring 2015, the CHCA along with ADE’s celebrated pastry and bakery school, École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie (ENSP),  will offer a three-semester advanced french patisserie post-graduate program covering areas such as chocolate confection, savoury baking, regional cheeses and artisan breads.

For this occasion, Ducasse said, “in George Brown’s centre for hospitality and culinary arts, we have found an educational partner that shares our vision of top-quality learning and output, and international training. I have high expectations for this partnership and look forward to collaborating with George Brown on other education-related initiatives in the months and years to come.”

Trotter shared how thrilled they are to be able to offer this program with ENSP saying, “this is a win-win situation,” and that ENSP will benefit from having the opportunity to teach George Brown’s highly motivated and skilled students.

When students have finished their studies and placements in France, Trotter also says that “the students will return to George Brown with much stronger skills, a richer understanding of local and sustainable ways of working, and the international experience much sought after by industry.”


Chef Alain Ducasse visits George Brown, announces partnership