Streeter: Is wearing animal fur okay?

Students share their thoughts on the use of real fur in clothing

The use of fur in clothing has been widely debated around the world, with animal rights activists arguing that the process of obtaining the fur results in cruelty to animals. George Brown College (GBC) students shared their views on the matter.

“Since we have access to (fake fur), it should be a necessity to look forward to using that to help all the decreasing populations (of animals). We have to be mindful of our environment and ourselves.”

“Back then, we hunted for food and lived on agriculture. That’s why they hunted animals and skinned them for their fur, it’s for survival. Now, I don’t see the need for fur distribution.”

“I do like it. I’m wearing a Moose Knuckles jacket. The fur is very lush and I think it looks good, but at the end of the day we are killing animals, which are like other human beings.”

“There is no point in using real fur because you can get materials that feel exactly like it.”

“It’s not good to hurt animals in any way. If you can make them in an artificial way, then that’s the best thing to do.”


Streeter: Is wearing animal fur okay?