Basketball victories over Durham keeps Huskies on top

GBC’s men and women’s basketball teams maintain their places as first in the East Division


Everyone was on the edge of their seats as George Brown College’s (GBC) women’s basketball team and Durham’s women went face to face on Wednesday Nov. 28.

The game was either team’s win, as the lead jumped back and forth between the two teams.

The Durham Lords certainly challenged the strength of the Huskies’ women as each quarter ended with no more than a three-point lead between the teams.

With the first quarter belonging to Durham 21-19, GBC began to edge forward in the following two periods,19-16, 18-17. In the final quarter both teams scored equal points, 17-17.

In the last minute, however, the Huskies came out on top.

“It was a new feeling for us, being in a game like that. We haven’t been in a game like that in a long time, since our third game of the year against Algonquin,” said head coach Warren Williams.

Despite the close match, the Huskies remained strong in spirits and in effort as they battled on the court.

“I knew my team was going to come through, I don’t know how, but I knew my team was going to come through,” said point guard Zae Sellers.

The final score of the match was 73-71 in favour of GBC.

Player Tianna Sullivan led the points for the Huskies with a total of 20. Kiyann Grimaldo earned the team 10 points and Zae Sellers, Coco Sauve and Janai Menzies all earned 9 points each.

The women are currently ranked first in the East Division with only one loss so far this season.

The men’s game could not have been more different than the women’s, but they too pulled off a win for the Huskies.

The Huskies nearly doubled the points of the Lords with a final score of 81-44.

In the first two quarters of the game, the Huskies were off to a powerful start. With scores of 21-4, and 26-9, they were looking at an easy victory.

Full of high energy, GBC seemed to maintain a consistent game. With a high of 26 and a low of 16 points in the fourth quarter the scores only differed by a maximum of ten points.

“You know, that’s one of the things that I talk to the team about in our pre-game. You know, we’ve got to come out with energy for forty minutes,” said head coach Peter Sambu.

While the Huskies managed to maintain their pace, the Lords later picked up on their’s, scoring more than GBC in the third quarter with 21-18.

The Lords, did not giving up despite the huge lead.

In the fourth quarter, GBC remained on top scoring 16-1. By the end, both teams seemed to have lost their steam, with a total score of 16-10 for GBC.

Kingslee D’Silva led the points board for the game with a total of 16. Kevon Guiseppi-Mascoe earned the team 13 points while Chris Fields, Adam Costanzo, and Khadar Gaal earned 10 points each.

The men have a record of 8-1 and are currently ranked first in the East Division.

The women will face off against Loyalist College on Saturday Dec. 2 at home while the men will go head to head with Fleming on Tuesday Dec. 4 in their last games of 2018.



Basketball victories over Durham keeps Huskies on top