Huskies baseball opens the season with a win

The George Brown College (GBC) Huskies kicked off their baseball season with a doubleheader against the Seneca Sting at Wishing Well Park on Saturday, Sept. 8. 

In an exhilarating showdown, the Huskies won their first game of the season 13-5 over the Sting.

“It’s great to get off on the right foot,” said head coach AJ Wideman. “A lot of things went our way and we certainly hit the ball today and we played a good game. We’re happy about that and we’re going to try to do that in games to come.” 

Ryan Fata and Robin Fox-Pappas each got a home run for the Huskies while Anthony Buonaiuto and  Tyler Doney doubled. 

Buonaiuto and David De stole a base each while Robin Fox-Pappas nabbed two. 

Sting bounces back in second game 

As the competition intensified in the second game, the Sting came back in full swing, catching up with a win of 17-6 over the Huskies in five innings.

“The game was great,” said Huskies outfielder Buonaiuto. “The chemistry up and down of the lineup is awesome. You look up and down the bench, you see every guy on that team is going to get the job done.”

The next men’s baseball game will be on Sept. 15 against the Fanshawe Falcons at away at Stronach Park.


CORRECTION: In an earlier version of the story the scores for the games were attributed to the wrong teams. The Dialog regrets the error.


Huskies baseball opens the season with a win