Jeremy Worrall acclaimed in SA elections

Arts, design and information technology rep campaign over, after Supitcha Thadi drops from the race

The Student Association (SA) has a new board member, earlier than expected.

Jeremy Worrall has been acclaimed as the arts, design and information technology rep after Supitcha Thadi dropped out of the running for the position.

The SA funds The Dialog.

Thadi’s departure from the race coincides with her decision to withdraw from her current program at George Brown College. She said she plans to enroll into a different program at the college in January.

Worrall will be acclaimed until he is sworn in officially at the SA board meeting in December and he said that he’s ready for the role.

“It’s a position that needs to be filled and I’m ready to fill it,” he said. “There was nobody in this position last year and I think there’s a lot of work that has to be done within the centre for arts, design and information technology where students need to have a representative.”

While having a candidate exit the race during the campaign is not that common, there is a process in place to deal with such an occurrence.

According to election bylaws, “a candidate may withdraw from the Student Association elections so long as their withdrawal is in writing”.

“Because there’s only one other candidate on the ballot what we can do and what we did is at (Thadi’s) request we actually just disqualified her from the race,” explained chief returning officer (CRO) Charles Wilson.

Wilson added that he disqualified Thadi at her request, which is within the CRO’s authority to do, subject to appeal.

The race for the director of operations position, which is an executive board position, continues between Brenda Agyei and Kushagra Manchanda. Online and in person voting continues until Nov. 30. 1,034 students have voted in the byelection as of 5:16 p.m. today.


Jeremy Worrall acclaimed in SA elections