Four mental health tips to get through college

GBC’s Kate Klein encourages students to get involved 

You have classes, bills, work, family drama and moving plans. You feel like you’re sinking. You’re wondering how to keep your head above water. 

Kate Klein, George Brown College’s (GBC) healthy campus co-ordinator, shares her thoughts to help keep you calm and ready for the 2017-18 school year. 


1. Stay connected

“Understand that well-being is based on feeling strong relationships and connecting to the community,” said Klein. “We know that isolation has a big impact.”

Klein recommended that students should join clubs or participate in the student leadership academy.


2. Let it out

“There’s a lot of different people that can support a student’s effort to create balance in their life,” said Klein. 

Klein suggested talking things through with a counselor at a campus counseling and accessible learning services centre or using the Good2Talk Helpline for after hours at 1-866-925-5454.


3. Put yourself first

Klein listed two major ways to manage stress. First, it’s good to visit the Peerconnect for their drop-in colouring therapy and time-management workshops. Then there’s signing up for classes in the athletic recreation program, which Klein said is a “great way to blow off steam.”


4. Act with kindness

It is important to be as kind to yourself as to others. 

“Be mindful of diversity, equity and think about the impacts of your actions,” said Klein. “Check in with people who look stressed.”

She explained that although academics are important, having people to debrief with for those rough times is key to success at school.

“In the end, it all comes down to community.” 


Four mental health tips to get through college