First town hall has decent turnout, but low student engagement

Timing of event is difficult for health science students, says director of education

While a few dozen students attended the Student Association’s (SA) first town hall on Feb. 1, there wasn’t much feedback at the event.

The SA funds The Dialog.

The town hall was hosted by Tiffany White, the SA’s director of education. White spoke on what services and programs the SA offers, but when it was time to open up the floor for student questions and comments, only one attendee asked spoke up.

White said that part of the lack engagement had to do with the intense workload of health sciences students at this time of year. At the conclusion of the town hall though, White and Waterfront campus director, Gracel Quibrantar had a long chat with two students.

“Any person, even if it’s just one or two and I can get their feedback and give them that good impression that positive interaction with the Student Association it just makes us grow, even if it’s just one by one,” White said, adding that one by one, the goal is to have more students engaging in the resources the SA provides.

Jade Iturriaga was one of the students who engaged in the town hall. Iturriaga said that she learned a lot about the SA, and after finding out from Quibrantar that Waterfront campus has a kitchen, she intends to use it.

As for the lack of engagement, Iturriaga agreed that the work load affected the town hall. Still, she would like to see a different approach from students.

“It would be good to be more engaged because as you can see they went for the free pizza but no one really stuck around to listen to the actual presentation,” said Iturriaga.


First town hall has decent turnout, but low student engagement