If you are scared, get involved says Roshu Nagi

With three degrees, he came to GBC to pursue his dream of studying information technology

As an only child, Roshu Nagi had a difficult choice to make when deciding to come all the way from India to study in Canada. But his parents continuously supported his determination to explore his dreams. Now pursuing a computer systems technician diploma at George Brown College (GBC), Nagi previously completed a post-grad course in network systems security analysis.

Before coming to Canada, Nagi had a vibrant academic background with three bachelor degrees in computer applications, commerce, and law. It was soon after he finished his law degree when he discovered a great interest in information technology and decided to move to Canada.

Nagi managed orientations for international students at GBC for the fall and winter terms this year. The main reason he got involved, was because his initial experience at the college was not that great.

“I wanted to make it a point that whenever new students come, especially international students, they should not feel that they have landed in an entirely different country,” said Nagi. “They should feel comfortable and know there are people to support and guide them, just like home.”

Nagi keeps busy volunteering on campus as a team leader at the student leadership academy and an international ambassador at GBC. Initially he didn’t make many friends at GBC, but through volunteering he met people who are now like family to him. “Some experiences change your life. Coming to Canada was one of them.”

Nagi also works as a sales clerk at Value Village, and in one way or another he is constantly supporting the community. With such a busy schedule, “it became very difficult to manage studies, volunteering, and work.” With classes starting at 8 a.m. and work ending at 10 p.m.—plus regular volunteer activities—Nagi can be busy up to 16 hours a day.

What guides Nagi through the hard times, is the encouraging example of his father; “Not just because he is my dad, but as a person too he inspires me a lot.” A self-made man, his dad is a lawyer from a business-oriented family. When choosing law over business, his father did not receive much support from his family. However, these days he is a successful man with no regrets of the choices he made. “He tells me to do the same, to pursue my dreams, to do what I feel is right and that is how I will be successful.”

The message Nagi wants to pass on to all the fellow students is to leave hesitation, fear and a lack of confidence behind. “If you are scared, get involved—it is the best thing ever.”


If you are scared, get involved says Roshu Nagi