Contributing to the community through sport

Her passion for soccer, and a desire to learn ASL, lead Rana Abdel-Aziz Hamdy to sharing her passion with the Deaf community


Photo by Thomas Chung

Photo by Thomas Chung

Winning three awards this year including Female Athlete of the Year, Contribution to Athletics Award and the Women’s Outdoor Soccer MVP award, it was a tremendous feat for Rana Abdel-Aziz Hamdy, captain and defender of the Huskies women’s soccer team.

Hamdy started playing the game at the age of 12, and since then has represented her school teams, house-leagues, and varsity teams at York University and George Brown College (GBC).

She is currently studying in the American sign language and deaf studies program. Apart from her studies and passion for sports, Hamdy contributes to the community by working as a volunteer with three different organizations, two within the Deaf community and one with a soccer league.

“My father has always pushed me to excel at my sport and has been my number one coach and fan, while my mother has always encouraged within my studies and my work,” says Hamdy, crediting her success to the extended support of her family.

Hamdy was recognized last year for her work in the classroom and on the field, winning the Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons award, as well as the Ontario Colleges Athletics Association Soccer League All-Star and a Special Recognition Awards that year.

“In my past two years here at GBC, I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with many wonderful individuals who have inspired me, supported me, encouraged me, and pushed me beyond my limits to excel,” says Hamdy. “As the captain of the Huskies women’s team, I was grateful for a great soccer season. We had some unusual skills within the team and had a beautiful experience throughout the year,” she says.

Hamdy added that it was a privilege playing for coach John Williams and assistant coach Alicia Lashley.

“Our team will play proper soccer to ensure that we have complete, accurate passes, great attitude and thrive to put on the best game possible,” says Hamdy, crediting Williams and Lashley for continuing to push the team no matter the score.

Hamdy states that they have a great therapy team who work with them to strengthen their injuries and to make sure they maintain their healthy bodies.

“My favourite aspect of this sport is the adrenaline rush that I get before and during the game. It is always exciting getting on the field and giving it my best and seeing what my team has to offer and how well we can do in a game,” says Hamdy. “Although my team has not been very lucky this year, I am looking forward to the fall and to having a successful soccer season where we can push the limits of our skills, endurance, and athleticism. As well as successfully completing my final year of my program.”


Contributing to the community through sport