Online gaming in the library is unacceptable

Students should not put online gaming before the academic needs of other students

Editorial cartoon by Sam Bullis

Editorial cartoon by Sam Bullis

You’ve seen it happen, I’ve seen it happen, and perhaps you’re even guilty of doing it yourselves once or twice; but does that make it okay to play online games in our libraries?

George Brown College’s (GBC) Library Learning Commons (LLC) offers many resources that help students with research and their studies. From printing to stapling, Wi-Fi to computer access, and from signing out a textbook to signing out an iPad, the LLC really is our oyster at school.

It should be no surprise then that students have been continually using these resources for online gaming and video streaming, which are almost always unproductive and not educational.

For the sake of not coming off as uneducated, let me just say that I love online gaming. From Hearthstone to League of Legends and DOTA 2, I’ve played them all and all my friends will most likely tell you that I’ve done too much of it.

However, it comes down to the question of being courteous.

In a scenario where the library is full of students in dire need of printing off an essay or final project for one of their classes, should their needs and demands not be prioritized before the needs and demands of someone playing video games?

The LLC’s website states, “academic assignments and projects take precedence over games and recreational activities” and that no computer gaming is allowed between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Mondays to Fridays.

As a fellow gamer, I will tell you right here and now, our gaming is not a priority. The success of George Brown’s students is a priority, and accessible resources help students like you and I stride toward that success.

Yes, maybe the argument could be made in favour of those without access to the services our learning commons offers. Outside of the college, something as basic as a computer or stable access to the internet may not be available to some. Still others might say that they pay their tuition just as you and I pay ours and should therefore have the privilege of gaming in our learning commons.

The problem with this is that in GBC’s case, all three of our campuses are located in downtown Toronto.

Students going to school in Toronto are not restricted to their college’s learning commons and they have access to other facilities that can accommodate their gaming needs while not interfering with the success of other hard-working students.

For internet and computer access, you can go to any of the many internet or gaming cafes that are downtown such as Gigabites Internet on Bloor Street West near Honest Eds, Net Effect on Isabella Street, or Smart Access on Wellesley St. East.

Use the library to study hard and to get your assignments done on time, and keep your video games out of our LLC!


Online gaming in the library is unacceptable