Fashion Week brings the trendiest styles for 2015

Toronto’s MasterCard Fashion Week 2014 presented urban styles and bright colours as the trendiest attributes for the spring and summer of 2015

WMFW Toronto 2014 - Street style Photo: Chris Cheung/Flickr CC. 2.0

WMFW Toronto 2014 – Street style
Photo: Chris Cheung/Flickr CC. 2.0

From Oct. 20 to Oct. 26, many past designers and new designers shared and presented their ideas for spring and summer trends with the public at MasterCard Fashion Week 2014.

This season’s designers were inspired by urban styles, which included pieces of nature from big city parks, a variety of macro prints, colourful fabrics and the use of older trends.

Older fashion trends are always rotating and inspiring designers who transform the ideas behind previous trends, while leaving the old soul of trends and adding modern attributes to the final appearance; the wool material “tweed” that became popular in the 19th Century, came back to our fashion podiums this year.

The organization of these events is very important and needs to be done well for people in the fashion industry to showcase the highest level of fashion; knowing this, Victoria Dudrova, a special events planning student at GBC, applied to be a volunteer at this year’s Fashion Week to challenge herself in that demandable industry.

On Oct. 20 Kimberley Newport-Mimran, president and head designer of Pink Tartan, according to Dudrova, “showed high quality, rich and magnificent fabrics, and soft and flowing lines with her new line.”

With fashion being her favourite hobby, and with a passion for combing different styles and experimenting with colours in her everyday looks, Dudrova decided to get involved with this year’s event as new fashion ideas, trends and thoughts continue to inspire her.

Volunteer work is an integral part of her career goals, and “it offers real experience to gain more professional skills in the special events industry,” said Dudrova, who also feels that the college doesn’t provide enough practice in her program.

The duties of the volunteer included registering the guests, handing out name tags, setting up chairs near the podiums with invitations for viewers and sponsors, which is not what Dudrova was expecting from this event.

“I understand that the planning of special events is a big responsibility and I would like to try it as fast as possible for my experience, but for now I can only observe how other planners do their job,” said Dudrova. “I am not disappointed about that because it is still great opportunity for me to see how real planners work and create the network of potential employers and co-workers.”

While Dudrova is gaining more experience in the fashion industry, she and many other fashion followers were able to see over 30 fashion shows during Fashion Week 2014.


Fashion Week brings the trendiest styles for 2015