Letter: Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility

I just read your opinion piece on “Chasm between rhetoric and reality on accessibility” and would like to begin by thanking you for putting the topic of accessibility in The Dialog, albeit not in the best of light.

As the AODA co-ordinator for the college, I can assure you that we take accessibility very seriously and the reality is that we are not all talk and no action.

In fact, while your experience as a person without a disability was on the mark in noting that the sign was incomplete, you failed to mention that there is a robust feedback loop where such information could have been sent and the issue quickly rectified.

Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility; college employees, students and our community members all have a role in ensuring that we maintain the exemplary level of accessibility we strive towards.

The opportunity for anyone to send a quick email, call, or visit in person, either myself or any employee of the college would have had that sign corrected before end of day.

The college relies on everyone to be proactive and bring these issues forward so that they can be corrected immediately.

Olga Dosis
AODA co-ordinator at George Brown College


Letter: Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility