Letter: Jokes about tuition aren’t funny


I’m a student in GBC and I read the article, “GBC cuts tuition fee for international students”.

I just heard about it from my school and I was so surprised then I asked an international coordinator.

She said she was deceived herself about it and she felt ashamed. Then I knew that it is stupid joke for April poo’s day.

I don’t think it is a good article because international students pay a lot more money than domestic students.

Why should we deserve to hear the stupid joke? And it is not that fun at all. I wish it was true but every international student agrees with that they can’t accept this kind of joke.

I don’t understand why you guys write for international student about tuition fees. It is a very sensitive problem. I’m supposed to take summer course and when I got this I was really thinking that I should drop the summer course and take the next course in fall.

For you guys and domestic students, this crazy article can be fun, but for us it is absolutely not.

Please think carefully when you guys make a newspaper. It is not fun at all ok? Please let me remind you we pay $3,000 more and we don’t deserve it.

Sunyoung Son


Hi Sunyoung,

Thank you for writing. I am Pee Pee S. who wrote the satire article on GBC reducing international student fee.

I agree on this being a sensitive issue. I would like to flag that just like you, I am also an international student who is sick and tired of the ever increasing fees for us.

The satire seemed to work for the April “Poo’s” day, but somewhere I hoped that it rung a bell with the administration who has not even managed to implement a freeze on international student’s fees, let alone reduce them. The purpose was that, and not to confuse or upset you.

Preeteesh Peetabh Singh
News Editor


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Letter: Jokes about tuition aren’t funny