Women’s volleyball team in tatters

By Preeteesh Peetabh Singh

Well, Boreal seem to be having a tough time against George Brown College (GBC). The Huskies women’s volleyball team has managed to win two games this season, both against Boreal.

They have lost everything else.

The women’s volleyball team has lost 16 of 18 matches this year. Photo: Michael Stefancic

Coach, Clayton Carimbocas says there are various reasons for the team not doing well this year, the main reason being the lack of retention of players from the last season. “We have a whole bunch of players who do not really have the experience. It is very difficult to make the transition from high school to college level sport as far as their volleyball IQ is concerned.”

With 16 losses in 18 matches played and two more games to come, they have hardly even put up a fight against their opponents which is evident with only 12 set wins in the whole season while losing a staggering 49.

Brushing aside any possibility of a rift between the team, Leanne Prade, the serving setter said, “I think we get along pretty well, it’s just that a lot of players are new in the team. Few of them are returning. Everyone has a different lifestyle and different way of learning, so we have to find a way to connect as a team.”

“Next year we are not going to be in the same situation because we are going to keep about six to seven players from this year and build the team around them. If we retain some of the information and knowledge we have given them we will come out as a strong team,” said Carimbocas who is hopeful of a turnaround next season, “The players have the heart and we are aiming continually to get better.”

Currently ranked tenth in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) east division points table, the girls are having a very tough time.

In her message to the Husky nation, Prade said, “Have faith in us, we will get there. We need more fans and some more support.”

‘we have to find a way to connect as a team.’ said serving setter Leanne Prade. Photo: Michael Stefancic


Women’s volleyball team in tatters