Hot dogs and a side of free advice

Hot dog vendor voted best food and beverage at Casa Loma campus 

Shahrokh Ranjbar, the hot dog vendor located just outside the Student Association’s (SA) entrance at Casa Loma campus, was voted best food and beverage in this year’s Readers’ Choice Award.

Ranjbar, who has been working as a hot dog vendor at George Brown College (GBC) for the past 15 years, considers his customers to be family members.

He believes this is what makes his hot dogs such a hit.

Ranjibar said he can’t give his family members bad quality food. As a hot dog vendor, he doesn’t mind how much time or the amount of propane he used in order to cook well.

However, it was more than just the hot dogs that won Ranjbar this honour.

The vendor has integrated himself into the GBC community as a mentor, particularly for international students.

“The best part is dealing with young people who are Canada’s future,” he said. “I talk to them. I learn a lot and because I have some experience about education, I share my experience with them.”

He said he often meets international students who are nervous about the unfamiliar environment.

“I always talk to them and give them hope,” he said.

“I am happy with that because I see their face after that and that influenced them,” he added.

Ranjbar was unable to further his studies in agricultural engineering, after moving to Canada from Iran, due challenges with learning English.

This is the reason for his compassion to his customers as he understands the difficulties of being a student and wishes to see them succeed.

His journey at GBC dates back to 2004, after a cousin, who was a student at that time, indicated that there was a market for street food at the college.

“I know that the majority of people are happy and that makes me happy. I am really happy I am useful in this area for people,” Ranjibar said in response to being voted best food on campus.


Hot dogs and a side of free advice