Erica Goddard to join board of governors

New student representative wants to connect staff and students

Erica Goddard has been acclaimed as the student representative on George Brown College’s (GBC) board of governors.

Goddard wants to use her position to let students know what’s happening at the college and have a voice on the board.

“We’re here for the students and it’s to benefit them,” she said.

Goddard began her college career at Sheridan College in 2017 but said she didn’t feel like she had a place there and wanted to change.

She found GBC’s special events management program and joined the student leadership academy, which led her to working in the student life department.

She has also helped guide tours for new students at St. James campus.

Goddard credits Gerard Hayes, GBC’s director of student experience, for encouraging her to run for the board of governors—which he also sits on.

Goddard said one of the big issues for students is mental health and would like to see the board invest more in those services.

“I find students feel like they’re alone,” she said. “They don’t feel they have anyone to talk to.”

Tuition for international students is also on her radar as the college looks to address a projected $9 million loss in revenue due to the 10 per cent cut to domestic tuition fees.

“Definitely I would not raise it, they are already paying three times more than domestic students. It’s really unfair,” she said.

Instead, Goddard said she would like the board to look to increase partnerships with companies to bring in revenue.

Goddard hopes to bring students’ ideas to the forefront in a collaborative environment.

“I really want the whole college to be one instead of different sectors,” said Goddard. “I want to bring the programs together, the staff and the students together.”


Erica Goddard to join board of governors