Putting a spin on avocado toast

Umair Memon, a first-year Culinary Management student at the George Brown College chef school, shared his recipe for avocado toast which goes beyond the common breakfast item we all know and love.

Avocado Toast 


  • 1 medium-sized avocado.
  • 2 tbsp. soft goat cheese.
  • 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil.
  • 1 pinch of dill, finely chopped. 
  • Pink Himalayan salt, Kosher or your choice of salt to taste.
  • 2 medium slices of whole wheat bread.


  • Paprika as preference.
  • Roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds.
  • Smoked salmon.
  • Poached egg.


Scoop out the avocado into a medium or small-sized bowl. 

Add the goat cheese and dill, if you don’t have dill skip it. Memom always keeps the herb chopped and frozen.

Depending on the size of the avocado you can add more cheese.

Add salt and mix with a fork or spoon. The idea is to have a rough mix with some
textures from the avocado and cheese. You can mix it to a paste consistency as well if you choose, it’s a matter of preference. 

Add any good salt to taste. As the dish is very simple you would want to use a high-quality salt, however regular table salt will also work.
If you are not eating it right away, add some lemon juice so the avocado does not

Toast a piece of bread to your preference, drizzle olive oil on the bread and
scoop out the dip onto it. 

You can also use other sides like, tortillas, chips, or your choice of bread. 

This recipe can also works well as a dip.


Now that you have the basic version down you can play with it and add things

you like, such as paprika for some heat, roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds for some crunch, smoked salmon or poached egg for some more weight.

Memom always use the herbed soft goat cheese because it adds a little more to the dip but you can add your favourite herbs, too.


Putting a spin on avocado toast