Huskies basketball close regular season with wins

Men’s basketball beat faced off against the top team and came out victorious

George Brown College (GBC) Huskies basketball finished off their regular season on a high note, after two wins against Seneca on Sat. Feb. 16.

Prior to the game, Seneca and GBC were already locked into their standings going into the crossover games. Seneca in first place, George Brown in second. 

In the first two quarters George Brown edged forward 23-20 and 22- 16. In the third quarter GBC slowed down a bit. Seneca started to catch up a bit, 20 – 18 though GBC was still in the lead. 

The Huskies really ensured their win in the fourth quarter with 19 – 12 and a total score of 82 – 68.

Kingslee D’Silva lead the team with a total of 20 points, while Chris Fields earned a total of 14.

“That’s the defending national champion, you know and when you can compete with the defending national champion its a, its a feather in your cap,” said GBC’s head coach Peter Sambu.

GBC is still set in second place going into the crossover games.

Before the men’s game GBC’s women started off the night with a slow start. Being only slightly behind Seneca for the first two quarters, 12-14, and 14 – 19 they weren’t out of the game yet.

In the last two quarters the Huskies came back with new energy.

“We had to come back in here and talk and be like this is our house like nobody is going to come in here and punk us in our own house,” said Zae Sellers.

Earning points back in the last two quarters (27 – 21, and 23 – 13) the Huskies finished the game with a 71 – 62 lead.

Leading the points for GBC, Tianna Sullivan earned a total of 24, while Kiyann Grimaldo earned 14 and Sellers earned 11.

Both basketball teams are set to play in the crossover games against the West on Sat. Feb. 23.

If they win these games, they will earn their place in the OCAA championships.



Huskies basketball close regular season with wins