Huskies basketball win as playoffs approach

Men and women’s teams remain in second place as OCAA championships approach

With the men and women’s Husky basketball playing two different school at home on Sunday Feb 10, George Brown College (GBC) came out on top.

In the men’s game, GBC faced off against the Fleming Knights and won by a landslide.

Nearly doubling Fleming’s score, the Huskies finished the game 113-58.

GBC gained their lead early on, finishing the first quarter with 26-17. In the second and third quarter the Huskies maintained a consistent scoring average finishing off with 21 -14 and 27 – 9.

In the final quarter, the Huskies really drew ahead of the Knights, earning a total of 39 – 18.

Liban Mohamed led the way in points scoring 31 of the points. Kevon Guiseppi-Mascoe earned a total of 18 of the points while Kingslee D’Silva followed close behind with 13.

“Our last game was a tough game in Kingston and it didn’t work out for us well, we didn’t play that well but it was good to see them bounce back and get a good solid win tonight,” said head coach Peter Sambu who was referring to a loss against St. Lawrence College.

With only a few games left in the regular season, the men remain in second place in the East Division.

Prior to the men’s game, GBC’s women faced off against the Durham Lords.

With a strong first quarter 19-13 the Huskies gained a lead that they were able to maintain throughout the game. In the third quarter they played their strongest, earning a total of 23 – 19.

In the second and fourth quarters, the Huskies scored similar points as Durham. GBC barely earning more points in the second (14 – 13) and Durham earned more in the fourth quarter (19 – 18).

GBC finished the game with a total score of 74 – 64.

“Considering we were kind of in a slump prior to this game I think we came out with the same energy we had in warm up and that’s what kind of just set the tone in the beginning of the game towards the end of the game,” said forward player, Kiyann Grimaldo.

Zae Sellers led the way in points with over a quarter of the total points her team won (25).

Following behind Sellers for top scores was Ciara Findlaytor-Stephenson scored 13, Grimaldo scored 11, and Tianna Sullivan scored 10.

Along with the men’s team, the women are currently in second place in the East division.

Both the men and women will face off against Georgian College on Wed. Feb. 13.


Huskies basketball win as playoffs approach