The ins and outs of dating apps

GBC students believe dating apps connect people, despite their reputation

It doesn’t come across as a surprise that technology has made our lives easier, and that includes our love lives.

While dating apps have often been labelled for representing hook-up culture, others feel that it doesn’t quite end there. This gives us reasoning as to “why do people use dating apps?”

“You’ll be able to meet people that you will never [meet] in your life,” said Francisco Rodriguez.

“I think you maybe have even potentially higher chances than people just gambling at a cafe and hoping to get somebody’s number,” said Maria Norris.

The idea of coming to a new place and knowing absolutely no one makes a dating app much more considerable.

“It seems like a good way to meet new people. Especially if you’re new in a city or something like that,” said Ben Boley.

Artem Aristov, a YouTuber,  had a different reason for using dating apps at one point.

He wrote, “I need the models for shooting” in his bio and found it to be an effective way to connect with people for his channel.

Others try these apps out of curiosity, but end up having to escape uncomfortable moments.

Liv Mingram “occasionally” uses dating apps, “before I get anxious and delete them”, she said.

“Because I’m like, ‘oh no I have matches, I don’t want to talk to them, bye,’ and then I just wipe myself off the earth for them so I don’t have to deal with it,” she added.

Darby Johnson believes newer apps like Bumble give people more options to connect with others, outside of romantic relationships. Bumble offers the options of friendship and networking as well.

“That’s how they advertise them, at least. I don’t know if people are using it that way,” Johnson quickly added.

Whether or not it is possible to experience love through these apps, it definitely fueled some thoughts.

“It depends on what they describe, or you know, what defines love to them,” said Umur Coskun.

“I think it’s (love) a possibility, but it’s a slim possibility because I find that people are picky on dating apps,” said Logan Sinclair.

He suggested that because of the information available to users on these apps, it is easier to judge somebody at one shot.

“I do think people can find love on dating apps. I have a friend who met somebody online like ten, twelve years ago. She’s now married, she has two kids,” said Lauren Baljeu with confidence.

However, in her experience, dates somehow always go wrong.

Appearances on the app were distorted, she later realized, and faded away upon first glance when meeting in person.

“Just most of the time I don’t have a connection with people is what it is,” said Baljeu. “It’s just more friendly, like I haven’t really had any bad experiences per se but just a lot dates that have led nowhere.”


The ins and outs of dating apps