Tianna Sullivan celebrates career landmark

Women’s basketball lead scorer awarded for reaching 1,000 career points

Often seen zooming down the court with a basketball in hand, Tianna Sullivan has made a name for herself as a George Brown College (GBC) Husky. 

This is her fifth and final year playing for the college, and she is hoping to make it a successful one for her and her team.

“Winning OCs (OCAA) and going to nationals, you know it would be very great cause it’s my last year and I want to end off on a good note,” said Sullivan.

At the halfway mark for the basketball season, Sullivan has already made this season a memorable one. 

With over 1,000 points in her college career, she was recognized as the only player in the history of GBC’s program to reach that benchmark. 

Sullivan has received a handful of other awards in the past through the college, but her eyes are set on the future.

Not only has she received the honour of Female Athlete of the Year, but Sullivan was also named the Huskies’ Most Valuable Player for 2017-18.

“I just feel proud of myself, I worked really hard and just hope there’s more to come,” she said.

Before coming to GBC, Sullivan began her college career at Holland, out on Prince Edward Island. 

The switch to GBC was an easy decision for Sullivan after finding that the program at Holland wasn’t the right fit for her. 

She became a Husky in her second year and has been playing with the school ever since.

Over the course of her career, both Sullivan and GBC’s women’s basketball head coach, Warren Williams, believe she has made great improvements on her game.

“The first year I coached her she just really struggled with, you know, making the right play just understanding ‘when do I pass, when do I drive’,” said Williams.

Now Sullivan averages at about 18 points per game and is a leading scorer for the Huskies. 

But what makes Tianna an outstanding athlete isn’t just her ability to take those shots. For Williams, it’s her abilities as a teammate and as a leader.

“She’s come such a far way as someone we can depend on, someone we can rely on. So it’s not just about the scoring, it’s about her attitude, it’s about her leadership, it’s about her making the right play,” Williams explained. 

Despite her recent success, like most good athletes, Sullivan is no stranger to the things she can work on. “I can improve on, you know, not hesitating to play my game, (getting) my teammates more involved.”

Though this season will be the end of her road at GBC, she has her sights set on taking her basketball career to the next level.

“Well next year, hopefully, to play overseas. I don’t know where yet but that’s the mission, that’s the goal,” Sullivan said.

Throughout this season, the women’s basketball team has proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

With only two losses thus far, GBC sits at a tie in first place for the East Division with Algonquin College.


Tianna Sullivan celebrates career landmark