Top tech to keep you on track for 2019

Making resolutions is easy, keeping them is a different story

Think back to one year ago. Did you achieve your 2018 New Year’s resolution? Or maybe the question should be: do you even remember it?

The desire to better ourselves is a human impulse, but unfortunately, so is getting distracted.

However, for 2019 there should be no more excuses with some of the best technology at your disposal.

To make it easier, we took a look at the top tech that can help students at George Brown College (GBC) keep on track with their goals.

1. Getting better grades

“The goals for 2019 are just to get done with the course I am doing right now, and pass with flying colours,” said Karan Deep Singh, a wireless networking student at GBC.

To get organized and stop procrastinating, many students use the free iOS and Android app, My Study Life.

Rather than a traditional yearly calendar, My Study Life works based on academic years and semesters.

You simply input your subjects, classes, and assignments, and it not only notifies you of upcoming due dates and potential exam conflicts but also allows for task-based checklists where you can adjust the size of the task and update it daily as you work toward completing it.

2. Finding a job

Dhruvi Dokani, an international fashion management post-graduate student at GBC, said: “I’m aiming to finish this course, and hopefully getting a good job.”

Once you’ve successfully passed your classes, ideally with flying colours, the next natural goal is to land a job.

The interview is a critical and challenging step. If you can forgive the 90’s interface, the content on will have you walking into your job interview prepared and confident.

This free website takes you through common interview questions, starting with the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself”, and explaining how to best answer each.

You can also practice with a series of interview simulations at the end.

If you want to try a mock interview face-to-face, check out

They offer virtual interviews with industry experts and share feedback afterwards.

However, this tech comes with a price tag attached, which is a little steeper at $21.00 for a 25-minute interview. But for those with interview jitters, it may be worth getting the practice.

3. Staying fit

Of course, these goals are best achieved when you stick with the classic new year’s resolutions: health, wellness, and fitness.

Sydney Siomra, another GBC student said, “My goals for 2019 are getting a little bit more serious with school, definitely heading back to the gym a lot more often than I am right now, and just taking better care of myself.”

A smart scale is worth considering.

Smart scales sync up to a fitness app on your smartphone, tracking data from your workouts and measuring not just your weight but your body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage, which are better indicators of overall health.

There are many different models, with prices starting at $21.99.

While burning those calories, do not forget about your mental health. The 10% Happier meditation app for Android or iOS is a great introductory tool for keeping your brain focused, reducing stress, and sleeping better.

The beginner course is free, after which you can pay between $8.00 to $15.00 a month to access the content.

With ambitious goals coupled with the tech to keep you on track, you will be all set to take on the New Year.


Top tech to keep you on track for 2019