Students bring mini putt to The George

Special events students staged a night of fun and games to mark the end of the semester

The George student residence was decked out on Dec. 5 as a group of students held a mini putt event which brought the George Brown College (GBC) community together.

The event titled Turn Down for Putt featured two floors of mini putt, a silent auction, raffle prizes, pizza on the house and iced tea.

It was organized by a group of special events management students as part of their third-semester culminating project.

Fun and games aside, the journey to staging the event had its challenges.

Tracey Kolthoff, one of the co-ordinators pointed out that a lot went into planning the event.

Kolthoff, who is a second-year special events management student emphasized that communication is key in planning an event with a group, and that every detail comes into account.

Kate Hendry, another co-ordinator said that the event is important for her as a student because this was her first experience at planning an event from start to finish.

Hendry said that a benefit to planning an event of this nature is being able to make others happy.

“I think that’s what maybe people don’t realize is one of the benefits of being in the event industry. There’s a lot of stress, a lot of planning, a lot of detailed work, but then in the end it’s so worth it to see people happy,” she explained.

Laughter and cheers from students, their families, and the community alike could be heard throughout the night as guests went through the two-floor mini putt course.

Students like Jamie Hadley, who came out to support her fellow students in the program, said events like these help foster a sense of community at GBC.

Hadley also mentioned she was excited for the silent auction her fellow classmates had included in the event.

According to co-ordinator Kennedy Zurborg, mini putt is not easily accessible in Toronto, with most of the courses being in the outskirts of the city.

Evelin Cheung, a special events management student noted that it is very difficult to find a place to play mini putt in Toronto, so she was happy to be able to have that opportunity.

Co-ordinators Kolthoff, Hendry, and Zurborg all agreed that they hoped that this event served as a much needed de-stresser for the GBC community at the end of the semester.

Proceeds from the Turn Down for Putt event will offset other similar initiatives, all of which will be directed towards charity.


Students bring mini putt to The George