High hopes for Coco Sauve

Newcomer Coco Sauve transitions gracefully into the GBC women’s basketball program

Transitioning from one city to another can be a challenge for many, but with the support of a team, one can conquer all.

For George Brown College’s (GBC) women’s basketball guard and forward Coco Sauve, the difficulties of a big move have been reduced with the help of her fellow Huskies.

Sauve started her college basketball career at Langara College in her hometown of Vancouver, BC.

After playing for two years there, she decided to take a leap and switch to GBC.

“I think the team really has helped me with it because we’ve really built a strong bond and I haven’t felt alone at any time through my transition,” she explained.

There were numerous reasons she chose GBC.

Among them, included the reputation of the OCAA league, and GBC’s high ranking within the division.

But what really attracted her to the Huskies were the coaches and the program as a whole.

Sauve really connected with the family environment existing within the team, a testament of the coach’s beliefs.

“Obviously it helps a lot if we can buy into the coach’s philosophy,” Sauve commented.

The transition is just as relevant in the play on the court, as it is outside of the game.

“I think for her, she’s trying to learn a new position. In a different league that’s a bit more athletic than the league she came from,” said head coach Warren Williams who is happy with Sauve’s ability to adjust as needed.

Williams is proud of her current roles and ability to shoot from the perimeter, to rebound, and to maintain a strong presence within the paint, but he has stronger goals for her.

He hopes to expand the role she plays on the team and create a player who is not just able to defend and take shots, but is a decision maker as well.

“We hope to mold her into a leader down the road, but that’ll take a little bit of time. Right now we just want her to adjust to her role,” Williams added.

For Sauve, the new position and new team involve a bit faster of a game than she was used to back home.

“We have a lot more trapping and a lot more ball pressure so it leads to a lot more scoring opportunities for our team. And I like the fast pace,” she said.

The team has done well so far this season. With only one loss after nine games, they worked their way into first place in the East Division.

Both Williams and Sauve are optimistic going forward in the season.

“I think if we just keep on moving forward and keep on bringing what we bring to the court in our intensity and concentration then we’ll have a successful season,” said Sauve.


High hopes for Coco Sauve