Adam Costanzo emerging as a leader

Reigning OCAA men’s basketball East Division Rookie of the Year making an impact

It’s been quite an encore thus far.

Second year George Brown College (GBC) player Adam Costanzo has picked up right where he left off in his rookie season, and that is playing a solid two-way game, particularly on the boards.

The 2017-2018 season saw the Ottawa native being named the OCAA’s East Division Rookie of the Year.

However, despite his success a season ago, Costanzo is not about to rest on his laurels.

“New year, new goals, new challenges, new teams, new guys, so it’s a whole new year,” said the star player.

The power forward consistently leads in rebounding and possesses a strong game around the basket.

Costanzo is counted on to bring energy and leadership to the club and it is this leadership aspect that he takes pride in, above all.

Costanzo was named one of the team’s captains by first-year head coach Peter Sambu, a testament to what the expectations are for the second-year player.

“I think I’m most valuable when guys hear me talking and hear me, you know, hear my energy and can see that I’m getting into it, whether I’m on the bench or I’m on the floor,” Costanzo explained.

“As long as I’m bringing that energy 100 per cent, guys get more confident, like I’m not on an island defensively or second guessing myself while Adam’s talking, there’s no need to second guess myself,” he added.

Costanzo’s numbers are indeed impressive.

He’s averaging 16 points and 12 rebounds per game. His work around the basket is a strength.

However, there are aspects of his game he is certainly aiming to improve on.

“Free throw shooting, outside shooting, just get consistent with that and just putting the ball on the floor and making plays,” Costanzo said, “just kind of expanding my game a little bit outside of that painted area.”

Head coach Sambu has noticed the second-year Costanzo’s effort in improving and rounding out his game.

“Ball handling, shooting, and moves on the move and finishing moves,” Sambu said. “Adam has a great work ethic and a great approach to building his skill sets.”

After he made the club as a walk-on last season, Costanzo is much more comfortable this year with a full season now under his belt. He has clearly found his place on the team and is aware of what he needs to do.

“I know my role on this team and I know my role in the OCAA as, you know, an energy guy as one of the leaders of our team but also one of the top guys in the league,” explained Costanzo.

“So I like to, you know, hold myself to that, to those standards and make sure that my energy is all-in, my leadership always displays that,” he added.

After an impressive 18-2 regular season record last season, the Huskies bowed out in the OCAA Championship quarterfinals.
It was a disappointing end to an otherwise very successful season.

With that loss, there were lessons learned.

“This regular season is the process and once we get to provincials this year, that’s when everything really counts and everything really means that much more,” noted Costanzo.

“So, (we’re) fine tuning ourselves throughout the season and getting ready for the spring.”


Adam Costanzo emerging as a leader