Bus crashes into pole at Bathurst and Davenport

24 people taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries say police

A southbound TTC bus crashed into a pole at the corner of Bathurst and Davenport at approximately 3 p.m. today.

The bus hit the pole with enough force that it cut through the front of the bus.

“My understanding is that there were about 25 people on the bus and they are all being transported to be checked out but none of them appear to have life threatening injuries,” said Susan Sperling, manager of corporate communications at TTC. 

CP 24 is reporting that three people were injured.

Peter Yelovich, a member of the Canadian Forces was in the area at the time of the incident. He recalled seeing what appeared to be fuel emulating from the bus and rushed to evacuate the passengers in case it had ignited.

“I saw that there was fluid leaking from the bus and the driver of the bus and a few passengers were still distraught. So my military training kicked in and I proceeded to help with triage and trying to get people either off the bus or away from the bus,” said Yelovich.

The intersection is closed and TTC is rerouting the bus routes around the collision. 

An investigation by the TTC and Toronto Police is currently ongoing.


Bus crashes into pole at Bathurst and Davenport