GBC women’s basketball team gets a boost from U.S. recruit

Minnesota native Zae Sellers is making an impact with the Huskies as their new point guard

For the George Brown College (GBC) women’s basketball team, talent knows no borders.

The Huskies have gladly welcomed point guard Zae Sellers into the program.

Sellers, who hails from Minneapolis, is making her mark with GBC early in the season, averaging 16 points per game.

The recruitment of Sellers, who previously played junior college at North Dakota State College of Science and then at Ohio Valley University, was not all that typical. In fact, it was Sellers who reached out to GBC with a desire to come to Canada and she had her eyes locked on the Huskies program.

“She saw us play and she wanted to make the move to George Brown College. So, she actually contacted us and then, you know, we obviously remained in contact,” said head coach Warren Williams.

“(There were) a lot of hurdles to kind of get over for an international student to attend George Brown College that we had to overcome. But she was terrific in the process and, that’s how it ended up working,” he added.

Now you might ask how Sellers was able to see the Huskies in action. With all of their games live streamed, she was able to see the club play and liked the style of play that Williams’ team employs, although it has been an adjustment to what she had been used to south of the border.

“One, for this team, specifically, is pressing the whole game,” noted Sellers, “depends on what team you play for back in the States but, for the most part, you don’t normally press the whole game, but, other than that, there hasn’t been a huge difference. Both countries compete, and we just come out and do our thing.”

“We name our identity CHAOS and it’s an acronym, actually. It stands for ‘continually harass all opponents season-long’. That’s really what we try to do,” said head coach Williams.

He explained that the system has not yet been in full effect this season due to players being injured but, looks forward to utilizing the style to its full extent when they return. The head coach says that Sellers fits in perfectly with this system.

For Sellers, who is considered a fourth-year player due to her time on the court in the U.S., there is one noticeable difference in playing in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA).

“The shot clock, the shot clock. Being a point guard, back at home I get 30 seconds, here it’s 24,” she pointed out.

As a self-described pass-first point guard, Sellers knows what she needs to improve on.

“Finishing at the basket. Looking for my shot more, taking more quality shots and just getting my teammates more involved, making sure that they know when I’m ready to pass and just building that chemistry,” said the point guard.

Her coach agrees.

“In her previous stops, she was always kind of, you know, kind of a secondary scorer, kind of a distributor,” Williams explained. “We needed her to be more of a scorer here. You know, that’s part of the reason why she came so she could have a bigger role in our success.”

While there is a lot of regular season business to take care of, the playoffs remain the ultimate focus.

The Huskies bowed out in the quarterfinals of last year’s OCAA Championship, squandering a 21-point lead in the loss.

As for Sellers, her goal is crystal clear. 

“Take the team to nationals, win nationals, have the best season that they’ve ever had,” she said.


GBC women’s basketball team gets a boost from U.S. recruit