Huskies Tyler Doney makes his mark

GBC’s men’s baseball team ends a tough season on a high note as they win twice against Seneca

It could be considered a continuation of a rebuild.

For George Brown College’s (GBC) men’s baseball team, an early season sub .500 record is not what they had hoped for. However, the club has incorporated a wealth of young players.

Eighteen-year-old shortstop / pitcher, Tyler Doney is part of the development of the program. As Doney says, it is an adjustment process, but he has been aided by the culture put in place.

“I’ll be honest, I was nervous and everything moving up to a higher level of baseball,” said Doney. “But after the first few practices and games I’ve really felt welcomed by the team and my teammates and my management and all the staff.”

“So I’ve really started to settle in with the guys, and everything, and been able to focus on the task at hand which is winning ballgames,” he added.

Right now, even as the GBC men’s baseball team is struggling to climb into a playoff position, it’s the younger players like Doney who the club can build upon.

Perhaps, even more impressive, the rookie has spent time at two positions – shortstop and pitcher.

The goal, as manager A.J. Wideman has made clear, is playoff baseball. It’s a goal Doney shares: “It would be a big push to our program.”

His hopes for the team are to “attract more players in, really get our names out there to the rest of the league that we are a good team and we can be very dominant and we have the players to win and we have the coaches to win and this year, I want our organization to be heard around the league.”

As for Doney’s contributions, they aren’t really that much of a surprise to GBC’s baseball manager Wideman.

“I’m not going to say diamond in the rough,” says Wideman,  “but he’s been a guy that’s, you know, been leaned on a little bit more than then maybe a first year guy should be.”

Doney, who turns 19 in November, has started his rookie season strong, ranking among the top offensive players on the team with a batting plus .285 average.

“We have really good leaders and coaching is exceptional. We just all need to play a role when it comes game time and play like we do in practice,” he said.

Doney, who is adjusting to playing baseball at the college level, remains optimistic about the team’s chances at reaching the playoffs.

“After every game, our coaches and the team, we get together and we talk about what we can do differently to prepare for the next game. And after every game we’re learning something new which is great,” says Doney.

The Huskies’ manager, Wideman makes it clear that Doney is a key to the rise of this ball club going forward. Wideman also noted that 40 per cent of his roster is comprised of rookies.

“I think he’s one of the great young pieces that we have. We’re going to continue go forward with the young core of players that we currently have,” said Wideman.

As for Doney, he realizes the important role he plays going forward with the Huskies.

“I see myself as a utility player, I pitch and I play shortstop or anywhere on the infield, wherever my team needs me,” says Doney. “I get on base, I have some speed, up the score runs on aggressive on the base path and I’m a real. I’m a team player.”


Huskies Tyler Doney makes his mark