TTC to split King streetcar routes in two

TTC splits 504 route to decrease delays and improve accessibility

As of Oct. 7 the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will be dividing the 504 streetcar route into two. 

The new 504A will loop from Dundas West station to the Distillery, while the 504B will run from Broadview station to the Dufferin Gate loop. 

The introduction of the 504A will eliminate the need for the 514 Cherry route currently in service, which will discontinue as a stand alone route. 

According to the TTC, both 504 streetcars will run every two to three minutes when rush hour hits.

“During the busiest times in the morning, there will be 42 low-floor streetcars that will service King Street: 22 on the 504A and 20 on the 504B,” said Haley Waldman, TTC media spokesperson. 

This change to the low-floor streetcars is aimed at making it increasingly accessible for all passengers. 

“During closures, we’ve had to have some service replaced, and we found that these routes are just more effective and they are able to move more passengers more efficiently,” said Waldman.

The reason for having two 504 routes instead of one is to ensure continuous service, as disruption to one will not affect the other. 

With an increase in commuters, these routes will likely reduce delays and “with all of our streetcars being low-floor, the capacity has increased,” said Waldman.


TTC to split King streetcar routes in two