Brianna Samuels-McLaughlin lights up GBC women’s soccer

Who became one of GBC‘s women’s soccer team’s new rookie star player

Brianna Samuels-McLaughlin, is lighting up the net for the Huskies women’s soccer team, scoring four goals in her first six matches.  

Samuels-McLaughlin said she’s been playing soccer since she was three-years old. 

“I actually cried when I went on the field,” said Samuels-McLaughlin. “But it was going to be a really big passion of mine.”

Huskies head coach Leslie Fitzpatrick coached Samuels-McLaughlin when she was on an academy team. 

He said that after an ACL tear in her knee she had a tough couple of years but he spoke with her and her family about playing at George Brown College (GBC). 

Fitzpatrick said that she’s still a little wary of getting into physical battles due to the old injury but that her speed and skill are her best assets. 

“With everything that I’ve gone through mentally and physically, soccer is going to be that thing that helps me get through everything,” said Samuels-McLaughlin.

Asking a rookie to lead the attack every game is a tall order but her coach has confidence in her.

“That’s a lot to ask a young player, but we had no doubts that given her technical ability as a player and the skill that she would be able to do it,” said Fitzpatrick. 

But’s not just her performance on the pitch where she’s making a difference as a leader off the field as well.

“She’s a funny character and has a jovial way about her and the girls really gravitate towards her.” said Fitzpatrick. “She’s part of the glue in the locker room.” 

It’s that combination of gritty determination on the pitch and lightness outside it that makes people take notice of her. 

“Brianna brings an attitude in our women’s team has been missing a little and she’s a big part of the reason why for the first time in a long time our women’s team could potentially qualify for the provincial championship.” said Zachary McRae, the Huskies’ sport information and marketing specialist.

Fitzpatrick’s support of her over the years is something that Samuels-McLaughlin appreciates. 

“I’d really like to thank everybody who’s been there for me, including my coaches,  for being able to put me into a position where I’ve been able to continue on with something that I really love,” said Samuels-McLaughlin.


Brianna Samuels-McLaughlin lights up GBC women’s soccer