Streeter: Student’s take on Free Speech Policy

George Brown College students expressed mixed opinions on the Progressive Conservative government’s call for the mandatory implementation of a free speech policy on the campuses of publicly-funded post-secondary institutions in Ontario.


Joel Kitaka – Construction Engineering. Photo: Timo Cheah / The Dialog

“You can’t really limit what I have to say about a certain situation and I feel like it’s kind of demeaning. Because if I have something to say and you set up guidelines of what I can’t say, then what happens? It leads to issues not being solved.”

Afrida Jahan – Architecture Technology. Photo: Timo Cheah / The Dialog

“I think free speech is okay, as long as it’s not hate speech because you know I am Muslim and that is why for some reason we [Muslims] have to face some hate speech in the subway or somewhere on campus. But I have not suffered, some of my friends and relatives suffer, that is why I am worried if the free speech policy requirement on campus happens, maybe something will happen on campus.”




Brandon Jones – Mechanical Engineering. Photo: Timo Cheah / The Dialog

“I think the government is trying to control that [free speech] and take it away, but they’re not trying to be blatant about it being taken away. They’re trying to set it within these guidelines and disguise the fact that they’re taking our power of free speech away.”




Liam Henderson – Building Renovation Technology. Photo: Timo Cheah / The Dialog

“I think that it’s honestly not right, people should be able to say whatever they want to say, regardless if somebody gets offended by it. It’s 2018, everybody gets offended by a lot nowadays, but to try to mandate something like that—it just seems like a breach of freedom of speech.”


Landon Marchen – Fashion Design and Techniques. Photo: Timo Cheah / The Dialog

“I think it could go one of two ways. It’s kind of depending on how they want to outline it for us, it could either hurt free speech in the end or it could help it. It really depends on what the exact rules are.”

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Streeter: Student’s take on Free Speech Policy