GBC women’s soccer team beats UTM Eagles 1-0

Huskies two-game winning streak ties them for second in central division

The GBC women’s soccer team took on the squad from the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) on Friday, Sept. 14.

As the game started with a back and fourth battle, the George Brown College (GBC) Huskies and UTM Eagles ended the first half 0-0.

In the second half, GBC’s Nicole McKenzie jumped on a ball passed up the middle from UTM and drew a foul, resulting in a free kick.

“We knew if we could put a little bit of pressure in their back line then we will be able to pinch the ball off of them and look to drive,” said Leslie Fitzpatrick, the new head coach for the women’s team.

GBC’s Hailey Kennedy stepped up and scored on the free kick in the 64th minute, giving the Huskies a 1-0 lead.

“It was a great finish,” said midfielder Cynthia Pellegrino. “We put Hailey on there for a reason; she can finish.”

After the match, Fitzpatrick said that centrebacks Melanie Retz and Frankie Girardo had outstanding games, and that the time the team spent training on defending against set pieces paid off.

“Mel is probably one of the smallest players in the field, but I think she won every aerial battle today,” said Fitzpatrick. “That really helped us.”

The Huskies have had some injuries lately, but Fitzpatrick says they are battling through them. 

“We are walking a little wounded right now and it’s tough especially with a short roster, but full credit to the girls, they’re showing a lot of resilience.” 

Syd Greenberg got her second clean sheet in a row with seven saves.

The women’s soccer team is now 2-1 and are tied for second in the central division.

Their next game is a rematch against Sheridan on Wednesday, Sept. 19. 


GBC women’s soccer team beats UTM Eagles 1-0