Six TTC tips GBC students need to know

These tips will help you navigate the TTC without breaking down on line one

Buy tokens to save money

Almost every subway station has a booth where you can pay your fare or buy tokens. The cash fare is $3.25 but tokens cost just $3! You have to buy a minimum of three tokens for $9 to get three of those little coins. Saving a quarter might not seem like a big deal, but it adds up. If you take the TTC to school five days a week you will save $56 over the course of two semesters. You can also use debit or credit card in purchases over $10.


If you are paying in cash or tokens you have to get a transfer. A transfer is your proof-of-payment. If a TTC employee wants to know if you paid the fare, they will ask for it and if you can’t show one, you could get a ticket for up to $425. The transfer also allows you to get out of the subway and onto a bus or streetcar without paying a second fare. But remember, transfers are for one-way trips only!

Buses and streetcars

If you are going to get into the TTC system by bus or streetcar, be alert: they don’t carry change! As soon as you enter the bus you will have to put the coins inside a box next to the bus driver. Don’t forget to ask for a transfer! Sometimes when the stop is too crowded, the bus driver may open both doors to enable people to get in. However, if you are paying cash, you must use the front door.


Useful for unlimited travels as there are daily and weekly passes. You can buy both at almost any subway station. There is a monthly transferable Metropass for $146.25. As a George Brown College student you can pay $116.75 and get the post-secondary pass. Just go to the Student Association’s front desk from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the last five business days of the month. But first you need to have a Post-Secondary Photo ID which is available inside the Sherbourne subway station. It’s just $5.25, cash only. Po-tip: get your Photo ID in August as lines are very long in the first week of September. With a Metropass you don’t need to worry about transfers. The Metropass is your proof-of-payment.

Presto card

You can get a Presto card in any Presto machine at the TTC stations, at Shoppers Drug Mart, or online at A new card costs $6 and the fare for Presto users is $3. However, as of Aug. 26th, the TTC will start the two-hour transfer to all Presto users. It means that you will be able to hop on and off the system and switch directions during that time period. If you are in a bus or streetcar, just touch your card in the small green box. And if you are getting into the subway, touch in the little green item on top of the turnstiles.

Closest TTC stations to GBC

  • St. James campus: King Station. You can walk or take a streetcar to the campus.
  • Casa Loma campus: Dupont station and then a short walk.
  • Waterfront campus:  Union station and then take No. 6 Bay south bus. Sherbourne station and then take the No. 75 bus to Queens Quay East. Pape station and then hop on No. 72 South bus to Queens Quay East and Lower Sherbourne.

Six TTC tips GBC students need to know