Students react to GBC’s no-smoking policy

Students weigh in on the no-smoking policy now in effect at George Brown College, which prohibits smoking and vaping on campus.

Desire Kyomugisha

“As a non-smoker, I don’t like it when I find them (smokers) anywhere on campus because they can restrict my movements. They blow it in my face and I don’t like it. Sometimes they do it near the children and I think that it is not good for them.”



Nadia Conte

“Because cannabis is going to be legal they’re making it so you can’t smoke anywhere on the property. Not everybody enjoys the smell, not everybody can handle it and that’s the main reason why they’re saying you can’t smoke on campus.”



Noah Jamesboni

“It’s good for the people that don’t smoke so they don’t have to inhale it. I don’t think they’re (smokers) going to mind that much. They can just cross the street. It’s not a big deal.”


Dwaine Bartley

“I’m not totally against it because it is an environment for people and I shouldn’t be polluting your airspace with my smoke but at the same time it’s really inconvenient for people that have been hooked on smoking.”



Ryn Ellis

“I think it’s an inconvenience. Vaping is not considered smoking by Ontario law so I don’t understand why we have to go off property to be able to vape. Disabled students shouldn’t have to leave school property to be able to smoke.”



Students react to GBC’s no-smoking policy