Streeter: Students alarmed by Facebook privacy threats

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, we asked GBC students if they would consider leaving Facebook.

Amina Mohamed – Business Administration Finance

 “Considering that they are giving out user information, it is kind of a breach of what you’re signing up for and I guess people aren’t really aware of that. So I guess I would leave Facebook.”



Shreyash Sakariya – Media Foundation

“Yes, I’ll continue to be on Facebook because it helps me to be in constant contact with my friends and family back in my country. However, this is an alarming situation where people should become more aware before making certain decisions.”



Tasnim Rahman – Human Resources Management

“I don’t know if I would leave it because eventually that’s going to happen with all social media (platforms). Everyone’s information is going to be stored on some sort of database anyways and information is always going to be gathered. We can’t do anything to stop it unless we get rid of technology.”  


Ali Aubi – Media Foundation

“This is nothing new, every company does this. Data is important and people’s data is money. I no longer use (Facebook), more for peace of mind.” 


Streeter: Students alarmed by Facebook privacy threats