Farrah Sheikh Wins Best Women’s Athlete award

GBC soccer star wants to be a role model for female Muslim athletes

Soccer veteran Farrah Sheikh has been voted in as the Best Female Athlete in The Dialog’s Readers’ Choice Awards

Even though the win took her by surprise, it is no shocker, given her outstanding track record both on and off the field.

Sheikh is also an academic tutor for GBC athletes, and the marketing director of an organization that focuses on providing access to Deaf Muslims.

She started at George Brown College back in 2013, which coincided with the revival of the women’s soccer program, allowing her to kick-start a college athletics career.

“It was a very different experience because even though I was playing back in Dubai, it was a different atmosphere,” said Sheikh, who played for the Dubai Women’s Football Association. “Women weren’t allowed to play everywhere.”

Sheikh has been consistently held back by an injury she sustained while playing in Dubai. This takes her off the field for weeks at a time but her passion for the sport keeps her going.

After five years of playing for the Huskies, she said that this award is a fitting way to finish her college soccer career. 

“It is very nice to win and be a role model for other Muslim, female athletes.”


Farrah Sheikh Wins Best Women’s Athlete award