Review: The lauded loo of St. James

While not completely accessible, this powder room palace packs a punch

After all the votes have been counted, only one washroom can win the game of thrones as the greatest at George Brown College (GBC).

The winning water closet was the men’s washroom on the fifth floor of St. James A Building, just across from those lucky ducks at the school of work and college preparation office (524 A). After renovations were completed in 2016, you can see why.

The lionized lavatory features a doorless, accessible entry, and is equipped with modern sensor-activated Sloan auto flush technology for its urinals and toilets.  Speaking of which, the toilets are made by the Levi’s jeans of bathroom fixtures, American Standard. American Standard? More like American Excellence.

Visiting in the winter? Rest easy. The stylish and spacious silver chrome bathroom stalls each feature coat and backpack hangers. 

Most of the powder room is powered by hands-free tech, including Dyson hand-dryers so effective, you’ll need moisturizer after using them. But the seven hand-washing stations in the lauded loo oddly feature manual handles. The faucets and handles are an elegant silver, but combined with the wall-mounted hand press soap dispensers, they could present a challenge for folks with accessibility needs.  

While the lovely latrine could use an accessibility boost, it is top of the GBC heap. 4/5 stars.


Review: The lauded loo of St. James