Proposed bylaw changes include restructuring SA’s constituency and educational roles

SA executives could also get longer term limits if proposed bylaws pass at upcoming General Meeting

The upcoming Student Association (SA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) could see changes to the bylaws that would restructure of the constituency and education representative roles, and extend the term limits for executive members of the board.

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The proposed bylaw changes, which were passed at the Feb. 1 board meeting and will be voted on by students on Feb. 13, would change the pay from $3,705 a year for a five-hour work week to $2,000 for constituency and educational centre representative roles on the board. 

If the bylaws pass, the roles would also no longer have any hourly requirements, and all responsibilities of the roles would be shifted to the board’s accountability manual. 

The constituency roles represent marginalized students, while the educational positions represent students from the college’s seven education centres. 

The changes were on the table during the AGM on Nov. 30, which did not meet the minimum attendance required. 

A new change being proposed would allow someone to serve as an SA executive for three terms within a five year period, up from the current two-term limit. 

The AGM is happening on Feb. 13 at 11 a.m. in the Kings Lounge.

Other proposed bylaw changes include:

  • Only executives would need to maintain a minimum 2.0. grade point average to be on the board.
  • Campus directors and education representatives would again need to be registered at their respective campus and centres during their term.
  • Board meeting minutes would be published 10 days after approval.
  • Rank-and-file students could place a motion for a meeting of members on the agenda of the board, if they can submit 15 members’ signatures in support of the motion 10 business days prior to a board meeting. 
  • Certified candidates who are running unopposed will be on the elections ballot with a “yes” or “no” question; if they get 50 per cent valid “no” votes the candidate will not be elected.  

Updated Feb. 9 at 11 a.m. with the location and time of the AGM.


Proposed bylaw changes include restructuring SA’s constituency and educational roles