Students share study tips

Everyone has their own strategies for studying from study-groups to make sure you are eating and sleeping properly

Studying can be stressful for any student and everyone has their own specific learning styles and techniques that help to achieve your goals.

Some George Brown College (GBC) students shared pieces of advice with The Dialog to students in studying crunch time.

Studying a lot does not mean you are doing it well.

“Organize, figure it out all you need to prepare, go step by step and in between, take a lot of breaks, eat a lot and sleep if you can,” says Ankita Dhiman, a fashion business industry student.

“Something you shouldn’t do is pulling all-nighters two or three days before the exam,” said Mayooran Athithan, a architectural technology student. “Rest is important because it helps with the learning process,”

Being part of a study group is an excellent technique that everybody can get, but it only helps if you choose the right people to do it with.

“When studying in groups, make sure you are with other people that are focused and have the same goals in mind, so everybody in the group studies well together and are on the same page,” said Michael Roberts, an electrical techniques student.

Eating and drinking a lot of water, while you are studying, contributes to keeping your body fed and hydrated.

“Always eat because it affects your gastrointestinal system, and drink a lot of water,” said Victor Osawaru, mechanical engineering technology design student.

Look for support and ideas from your friends, classmates, professors, and Peerconnect, the assistance service for GBC students; it will help you to get several learning and study strategies that you can apply on your daily study routines.

Some of Peerconnect’s tips include reading your course outlines, do your required readings, and attending class so you can ask the professor if you don’t understand something.


Students share study tips